What is a Morning coat?

A morning coat, also known as a morning suit, is a traditional formal outfit worn by men for daytime events such as weddings, formal ceremonies, and races like the Royal Ascot. It consists of several key elements:

  1. Tailcoat: The main feature is a tailcoat with a single-breasted front that extends to the knees at the back, forming two long tails.
  2. Trousers: These are typically grey or striped, often referred to as “morning stripes.” They are usually worn with braces (suspenders).
  3. Waistcoat: A waistcoat (vest) is worn underneath the tailcoat, often in a contrasting color or pattern.
  4. Shirt and Tie: A formal dress shirt with a white wingtip collar and a cravat or tie complements the ensemble.
  5. Accessories: Gloves, a pocket square, and a top hat or bowler hat may also be worn to complete the look.

The morning coat has its origins in 19th-century men’s fashion. It evolved from earlier riding coats and became popular as a formal daytime outfit during the Victorian era. The precise date of its creation is not pinpointed, but it gained prominence in the mid-19th century and has remained a staple of formal wear in certain circles, especially in British and European cultures.

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