“Sing Me to Sleep” collection

by The Smiths 

It’s my second collection from my first year of study, which I called “Sing Me to Sleep”. We had to make a one-piece dress for a final mini-passage at school. I decided to make two dresses because I had some extra time. I used different making techniques for both dresses for the first time.

I made crying makeup and a wet hairstyle. I am glad that I could finish everything before the show.

Models: Saria, Chia
Design, Styling, Art makeup, Hair, Photo: Naika

I made a big embroidery on a skirt which took me several days. I was worried while making it because I had no idea how it would turn out.

1st dress video

For the 2nd dress, I made a thread fabric for the front and dyed a piece of fabric to get an old look.

2nd dress video

I’ve also made accessories for the whole look.

Videos of the making process:

More detailed photos:


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