Sweatshirt project

We had a sweatshirt project mini-passage at school on October 23rd. The main theme was “Discomfort”. First, we were divided into groups and had to decide on our secondary theme. We also had to make a mood board with keywords and make a presentation the next day. It was our first time working in teams in class since everyone was a freshman. But I am glad that we somehow managed to present our ideas.

I was thinking about a design that will look aesthetically beautiful, and unique, and bring some sense of discomfort. So I decided to combine modernity and tradition. Also, make double-layered sleeves and attach embroidered tea bags on the sleeves and front part. My main inspiration came from Kyrgyz’s traditional headgear. 

Working with tea bags was so difficult task. I made a lot of them.

I made an embroidery of white crows and DNA.

In this video, you can watch the whole process of my sweatshirt project journey. You can only imagine how many hours I spent on this work!

I couldn’t find the “right” model for my sweatshirt so I decided to model by myself.

Here you can see more photos of my sweatshirt.

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  1. Zhumaliev Tursunbek uulu Matai

    That looks cool and beautiful! The kyrgyz hat idea was great and even for me that gives unexpectedly unique motherland vibes. The colors of fabrics give very ‘cozy’ feelings and make it look kinda charming, the little details as embroidery are appreciated by me. And actually I’ve never seen teabags on clothes before🤔 so it’s really unusual and pretty cool, I like that! Thank you for your efforts!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate your compliment and am delighted that you find my clothing design beautiful. It means a lot to me! 🙂

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