“Between-the-lines” collection

poem by Meggie Royer

I made my first collection at school, “Between the lines”. I felt excited and nervous simultaneously because it was my first time creating a collection, making an actual garment, and presenting it in front of professionals.

Here you can see a pants skirt from this collection and a black shirt which I made for Modelism class.

The skirt is made from my original thread fabric. Pockets have several layers so they look like chapters of a diary. For the pockets, I printed photos and made embroidery. I’ve also made stripes on pants with threads. And attached a key from a diary on a skirt.

Model: Ruka
Design, Styling, Art makeup, Photo: Naika

Both shirt and skirt pants are gender natural and you can arrange a shirt in different ways.

Model: Kohei
Design, Styling, Photo: Naika

Click the link below to watch my short process video of creation.

Thanks for giving me feedback and pushing me forward to explore and discover more.

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