Sweatshirt project

We had a sweatshirt project mini-passage at school on October 23rd. The main theme was “Discomfort”. First, we were divided into groups and had to decide on our secondary theme. We also had to make a mood board with keywords and make a presentation the next day. It was our first time working in teams in class since everyone was a freshman. But I am glad that we somehow managed to present our ideas.

I was thinking about a design that will look aesthetically beautiful, and unique, and bring some sense of discomfort. So I decided to combine modernity and tradition. Also, make double-layered sleeves and attach embroidered tea bags on the sleeves and front part. My main inspiration came from Kyrgyz’s traditional headgear. 

Working with tea bags was so difficult task. I made a lot of them.

I made an embroidery of white crows and DNA.

In this video, you can watch the whole process of my sweatshirt project journey. You can only imagine how many hours I spent on this work!

I couldn’t find the “right” model for my sweatshirt so I decided to model by myself.

Here you can see more photos of my sweatshirt.

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