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Trip to Saint-Petersburg

As I wrote in my previous post, we got to spend a few days in both Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, both gorgeous cities. I have to say though, that I loved Saint-Petersburg more than Moscow – it’s just so beautiful city filled with nice people!

As we arrived to the airport I suddenly started to feel dizzy, couldn’t walk straight and was very unsteady on my feet. My friend called a doctor and I spent next 3~4 hours in Airport Medical Center. So we missed our flight and went to the Saint-Petersburg by train. It took about 6 hours. We arrived early morning in Saint-Petersburg.

We had almost 3 full days to explore Saint-Petersburg. But first day in Saint-Petersburg, I spent in bed with high fever. Such a beautiful city that I only got to watch from my hotel room. I was so sad.

Finally, I decided to go to the hospital and get some treatment. Obviously, I couldn’t mix alcohol with a medication I was on and my health needed to be a priority, so alcohol had to go for awhile.

On the second day we went to the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, which is he fourth largest cathedral in the world.

We had to overcome more than 200 steps to get onto cathedral colonnade to enjoy the magnificent views over the city.

After visiting Saint Isaac’s Cathedral we decided to go to the Indian restaurant to have a cup of hot tea, because it was so windy and rainy outside. It was very good restaurant with friendly servers.

Then we took 2 hour cruise on the Neva river , as a sight seeing tour of Saint-Petersburg from the river and it’s canals.I am glad we took a cruise despite the boat ride being so cold that day. The rain continued to fall and I couldn’t take good pictures.

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We didn’t visit Hermitage, but we were able to visit Marble Palace due to it’s location. The museum had a lot of sculptures, paintings and chandeliers. Paintings were stunning and we took a lot of pictures here.

On the way to Church of the Saviour on the Spilled (Spas na krovi) we saw actors walking around in eighteenth century clothing dressed as Catherine the Great or Peter the Great. They seemed very friendly and offered us to take pictures with them. Of course we were too stupid to agree. In the end of photosession our jaws dropped when we found out how much it cost. They asked us 31$,but we agreed to give them 23$. But my friend confused money and gave them 100$. It was the most expensive photosession that I ever had.

Finally, we arrived at the cathedral, but it was already closed. And we didn’t get the opportunity to go inside. That’s why we went there again on the third day and we couldn’t believe that it’s all walls are covered with mosaics. Hard to imagine how they were made, billions of small pieces create such amazing pictures. This is definitely a must visit in Saint-Petersburg.

Next place we visited was Cruiser Aurora,which played a key role in the start of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The cruiser has been recently renovated and from outside looks extremely magnificent. The interior of the cruiser was full of pictures which were telling the story of the cruiser and it’s crew.

In the evening we went to the cinema theater and watched the movie called “Venom” sitting on the stairs because only front row seats left and it was too close to the screen.

At night we celebrated my birthday with a big cake that I couldn’t eat, because of my health condition. I am already a halfway to 50. It makes me feel so ADULTish. Some of my thoughts are already changed a lot.

It was crazy and funny trip.

If you have a dry and problematic skin as me you should buy this magic cream -F99. It can be found only in Russia’s drugstore.

This time I decided to try another Russian cream with vitamin F. Loved it too.

Interesting fact☆ミ☆ When I was working in international center Japanese people told me that Russian people look a little bit scary to them. And it surprised me, but I noticed that people in Russia really don’t smile(even service workers) and it really makes them look stone faced. But we met a lot of nice talkative people there.


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