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Typhoon Hagibis: my experience

As you know super powerful Typhoon Hagibis hited Japan in 12 of October, and millions of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes. I also got a special warning #5 (the highest number) for heavy rains. But I didn’t do anything . I was just continuing to study. I don’t watch TV and don’t read news so I didn’t know how dangerous it could be. I heard that Typhoon is coming from my colleagues a couple of days before, but didn’t pay much attention to it. That’s how a workaholic lifestyle affects you, lack of attention to “distracting” things .

As I was just ignoring warnings and studying my friend contacted me and urged me to go to a public evacuation shelter. He showed me pictures that a river near to my apartment is flooding and soon it will reach my place. I was astonished and called to the center to ask for instructions. They gave me an address of the nearest shelter (local school building) and rushed me to escape as faster as I can. Because I live on the 1 floor and the water level can reach 2 meters high. I panicked and started to prepare my bag. It was heavy rainy and windy outside, so my mobile internet connection was very slow. A few minutes later I saw a family and asked them how to get to the school, the small boy (about 12~13 y.o) showed me the way. Even if it took only 2 minutes to walk I was shocked by his parents, I thought how they could send him with me(a total stranger to them) at a very late dangerous night. It was very strange feeling, I was thankful and puzzled at the same time.

When I went into school I filled out the form quickly and got a thin blanket, mattress with two heat packs.

When I opened my bag I saw 5 books. I thought I took only 2, people were looking at me as I was a crazy student girl. Volunteers were so kind and offered us water (2 litres) , cookies and rice.

I called to my family, friends and told them that I am in a safe place and they shouldn’t worry about me.

I studied until 23:30 and fell asleep. But couldn’t sleep well due to the warning messages and I was thinking about my apartment. I thought that the water already reached it and destroyed my clothes, furniture, etc.

When I woke up it was 6 am, I checked the latest news. Fortunately the Typhoon left Japan and it was ok to go out.

My exhausted face and messy hair

Stores were closed (even convince stores ), but I was lucky to be able to buy tomato juice and coffee from a vending machine.

I was so happy to see that flooding didn’t damage my apartment. Next hours I spent sleeping like a dead.

This experience was quite scary, but I am grateful.

My heart goes out to the people who lost loved ones and the missing citizens of Japan.


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