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Makeup in Japan

House of rose became one of my favorite Japanese skincare and beauty brands since two years ago. Their products are based on plant extras and milk what makes them  extremely friendly for the skin. I tried most of their skincare products and they were really effective, so it makes me visit their counter at the local mall store very often.

Last week I was asked by a shop clerk if I would like to try a new product and get a makeup from a makeup artist. I said yes and was pretty excited to try a Japanese makeup, because I never tried it before. I was talking a lot with a makeup artist trying to learn some Japanese beauty tips. I found out that he was working already for 16 years and it sounded very professional to me until he finished I was looking at the mirror and thinking WTH is this?!

It made me really disappointed. So I went to the nearest restroom and tried to fix it. It’s not clear on the photo, but my skin really looked horrible. I think he didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I have very dry skin. It was my second makeup trial. First was about 4~5 years ago in Kyrgyzstan. It was a makeup for making you look +10 years older than your actual age.But the good thing is that I started to feel more motivated to continue developing my makeup skills. And get a look which I want!


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